Kanye West took some time out from promoting the porn industry to take on anyone who has ever said anything negative about his wife, Kim Kardashian West.

Kim was in the news recently for supposedly copying Paris Hilton who originally copied American Beauty in a photoshoot. She also got into a social media battle with model Tyson Beckford over body shaming comments.

She’s been busy.

Clearly, Kanye has had enough of people coming for his wife, because Beckford was on his shit list in his latest string of Instagram rants.

Here’s NewsAU:

While walking the streets of his hometown Chicago, West posted a series of videos to Instagram in which he addressed comments Nick Cannon, Drake and Tyson Beckford have recently made about his famous wife, reports the New York Post.

In the first of the four videos, West proclaimed that now out of the “sunken place” he could speak freely about “some things that were not sitting right with my spirit.”

He then proceeded to call out Nick Cannon:

“First of all, I want to address Nick Cannon,” he said. “I understand you used to date my wife, but you get in an interview — don’t mention my wife. If someone brings my wife up, say, ‘Hey, I respect that man, I’m not speaking on that.’ Don’t be making no suggestions like nobody f**ked my wife.”

Then it was Drake’s turn:

Drake recently released a song called In My Feeings. You know the one – it inspired that weird Kiki challenge that almost got people killed.

Anyway, there is speculation that ‘Kiki’, the girl that Drake loves in the song, is actually Kim. Kanye is not happy about this.

“If I had a girlfriend from Chicago, her name was Renita, and then you was married to Rihanna, I wouldn’t make no song called ‘Riri.’ So when you like, ‘I don’t know where it comes from’ — you too smart for that bro. You know where that comes from. Don’t make no record with nothing that could be confused.”

He got a shot in at Tyson Beckford too:

West then moved on to another offending party, catching his breath to say, “And also, as far as Tyson Beckford goes, don’t speak on my wife, bro. None of y’all speak on my wife, period. What is you talking about. I’m married. We in love, we a family.”

Look, it’s all a bit rambling and incoherent, but you get the idea. Anyway, the people he was going after clearly understood him because Nick Cannon responded with his own series of Instagram videos, reports People.

…the former America’s Got Talent judge began with a snarky comment about their communication methods before inviting West onto his show to hash it out.

“I guess this is the way we communicating now in 2018, via social media. I guess we don’t use phones and stuff like that no more,” he said. “But just saying to my man Kanye that the 200th episode of Wild ‘n Out is upon us… you’re more than welcome. Let’s talk about it, man. Come on the show.”

He continued:

Cool. I really hope they all sort it out.

Just kidding, I really don’t care. These people have way too much money and way too much time on their hands.