Jetpacks and hovercars are the stuff of science fiction, although all that is set to change as science catches up with the human imagination.

Tesla has been working on a hovercar called the Model F. Meanwhile, inventor Frank Zapata has combined the hovercraft and the jetpack to bring you the “Flyboard Air”, reports Business Insider.

If you haven’t heard of Frank Zapata before now, you’ll certainly remember his name after watching him race a Lamborghini on his invention:

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The Flyboard Air can travel up to 165km/h and reaches a maximum height of 150m during its six minutes of flight time.

Frank Zapata, was invited to perform and showcase his invention for the Singapore Grand Prix.

The hoverboard is powered by turbine engines that run on Kerosene or Jet B fuel. It can carry a person who weighs as much as 100kg. Zapata is not selling the Flyboard Air, though you can get your hands on some of his other inventions.

The Zapata company was initially created back in 1998 to make aftermarket parts for the world’s fastest jet skis. Zapata wanted to take things further, and in 2012 the inventor launched the innovative water-powered Zapata Flyboard for watersports.

The Water powered Flyboard inspired Zapata to create the Flyboard Air. Here’s how his latest invention works:

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Step aside Marty McFly, those Back to the Future hoverboards wouldn’t last five minutes against this guy.

[source: businessinsider]