On the list of things that Trump should be worrying about, his colouring in skills don’t rank too highly.

He has some of his former inner circle spilling the beans, he has Robert Mueller breathing down his neck, and even some Fox News anchors are starting to call him out for his bollocks.

Like most politicians, when the kitchen heats up, it’s time to pose for a decent photo op. The president and First Lady (who wore more suitable attire this time) visited children at a hospital in Columbus, Ohio, taking part in an arts-and-crafts activity that involved colouring in the American flag.

You know where this is going, don’t you?

Here’s Sky News:

In pictures posted by [health secretary Alex] Azar on Twitter, Mr Trump is seen to have erroneously coloured one of the stripes using a blue felt-tip pen…

The stripes are white and red.

This super-patriot can’t colour in the flag right, and he doesn’t know the words to the American national anthem.

He also fights war veterans over movie details, but that’s a story for another day.

Here is the relevant image from Azar’s tweet:

When you get in close…


Maybe he was trying to colour in the Russian flag?